Hair Loss Prevention: Check Your Shampoo Before Purchasing

By just simply purchasing the shampoos and health care products for our hairs, we think that we have done our best, in ensuring the health of our hairs.

Many companies and manufacturers have introduced many hair products in the market. Their promotional and marketing campaigns are so fascinating that we cannot resist without purchasing those products for our hairs. But, have we ever thought that we are doing the right thing?

If you want to find out the answers to the above highlighted questions, then you must first analysis the structure of your hairs.

Hair is made up of the proteins and they are attached to the skin of scalp. Below the skin there are hair follicles, blood vessels and the sebaceous gland. Use some best hair steamer for proper moisturizing your scalp.

The sebaceous gland produces the sebum when you brush your hairs. The sebum is the oily substance that is used to protect the hairs from other elements and it make coat over the hairs.

It also enforces blood vessels to give nourishment to the hairs. That is why it is always suggested to brush your hairs as much as you can and do the scalp massage regularly. It is highly beneficial for your hairs’ health.

The manufacturers and marketers who sell and promote their hair related products are basically selling and promoting the synthetic products. Shampoos; which are supposed to clean the dirt from the hairs, are actually removing the oils from the hairs.

Once, you have done your shampoo, you have removed your precious oil and for returning that oil again, to the hairs, you use conditioners.

Both shampoos and conditioners contain the harsh chemicals which are not good for the health of scalp and hair follicles. Same example can be understood with the help of laundry detergents which are enriched with fillers and less amount of actual soap.

More filler mean more selling of detergents and more profits for the company. These are only the money making strategies. So, you should be aware of what is going on in the market, especially for ensuring the good health of your hairs.

For helping you out and making you educated about shampoo choice and its ingredients, this article will give you an overview. This overview would be very beneficial in analyzing the choice of the shampoo that is good for your hairs.

You must read the label and find out that whether your shampoo has those ingredients or not. And also see that what the effects of those used ingredients are. Let’s have a look on individual ingredient.

1)    Dissertate and propylene glycol: The dissertate and propylene glycol or petroleum based glycol (i.e. the crude oil) is used in most of the shampoos. It is because they are very cheap in price and mostly used in almost all the cosmetic industry. Not good for the health of the hairs.

2)    Isopropyl alcohol: it is another solvent that is available in cheap prices and mostly used in the cosmetic industry. It is also not good for the health of the hairs.

3)    Propylparaben or Methylparen: These two substances are preservatives and are synthetic in nature. Human body is not good with the synthetic products; it accepts only the organic products.

4)    Cetearyl alcohol: It comes in both natural and synthetic substance. The synthetic, however, is used in many products as, it is lesser in price than the natural substance.

These are the petrochemicals that are mostly used by the shampoo manufacturers and they are not good for the health of the hairs. These chemicals absorbed through the skin and reaches to the tissues and organs.

If these chemicals are widely used then they can become a reason for causing the permanent damage in any of the body part. That is the reason, government has asked the big companies to highlight what ingredients they are using and educate the customers about these ingredients so that they can decide, later on.

You can however, save your health of the hairs by following the tips given below:

1)    Always try to buy the natural liquid soap that is good for storing the food for the health of hairs.Also, try to purchase essential oils like lavender (it suits every type of hairs), clary sage, rosemary, cedar wood, peppermint and birch (best for the hair loss), bergamot, eucalyptus, rosewood etc.

You can also purchase natural oils like olive, avocado and jojoba for nurturing your hairs. You can use these oils by making a mixture. For this you will require to take a spray bottle and add about ½ cup of spring or distilled water, 1 cup of liquid soap, 2 tsp of vegetable oil and 10 to 20 drops of any of the above mentioned oil.

You can use one of the essential oil or can combine several of these essential oils. There will be no harm. Shake the mixture gently and here you go with your hair treating agent. Isn’t it so simple? After having this spray over your hairs, you would not need any cream rinse, as oils will be replaced automatically.

(Essential oils always require to be used with the vegetable oil base. This is due to its concentration.)

2)    For conditioning the hairs, you can saturate your hairs with warmed olive oil or mayonnaise. Apply them over the hairs and leave them for at least 20 minutes, by tightly covering with a shower cap.

After 20 minutes risen the hairs. You can also use the 2 egg yolks and whisk them by the time they get frothy. Now, add some warm water in it and pour this over you hairs. Leave the hairs just for 2 minutes and rinse them finely.

3)    Lastly, it is always be a good idea to use some acidic substance over hairs for final rinse. You can use cider vinegar, beer, lemon juice or even milk for rinse. These substances are used with plain water so to restore the alkaline or acid balance. This is very good for the health of your scalp and hairs.

There are many other recipes that can be used over hairs, so to ensure good health. Above mentioned are just few ones. You can easily apply them and can make them your habit.

You can also experiment making hair treatment mixture by using different essential oils and vegetable oils of your own choice. But, always use natural things as they are the best for your body and hair health.