Dressing your home

Lifestyle is the reflection of your true being and to be fully alive each day something is required to energize and stimulate you, like may be a hot coffee. A hot delicious coffee can trigger your happiness for the rest of the day, and today’s technology can do this even more quickly. A beautifully decorated house with the view that soothes your eye refreshes you automatically for the rest of the day. Click here for best artificial Christmas trees buying guide.

Our behind the scenes stars, interior designers and architects, are brainstorming ideas on how to make the house look more beautiful since ever. It is rightly said by someone that “There is no end to creativity”, well it proves right here as well. Each time we come across some incredible pieces of home décor, they unfold their next level of creativity. The new trends in home and décor that amalgamate the most decorative elements with classy touches, never goes out of style.

Let’s have a look at some designs that currently rule home designing.

Appearance of the house: For a functional home space architectural design is way too important. Some of the trends that are common to this field are:

  • Contemporary designs: It’s something simple, elegant, clean and latest. You will never spot anything from the past designs in such houses.
  • Energy efficient: The latest of all the trends where people are way too conscious about their environment. Along with keeping in mind the aesthetics of the house they are taking care too protect the environment as well. This can be done by using solar heating system, energy efficient light fixtures, efficient whole house fans and many things like this.
  • Kitchens and spaces: Since lately kitchens are amalgamated into living rooms. This wastes less space as no doors and windows are required for the kitchen.
  • Terrace gardening: This is another magnetizing factor of new trends. Utilizing the space above the house either by turning it into a perfect evening lawn or into an elegant garden. This looks trendy as well as classic.

Interiors of the house: The field has gone beyond the limits of dynamism and creativity in designing the interiors of the house. Lately these few trends are ‘in’:

  • Spacious and elegant: Excessive decoration and overuse of one material, like wood or tiles, is out of fashion these days. Gone are the days when people used to stuff houses with as many curios as possible, its no more attractive now. The free space will enhance the beauty of elegant walls and floors.
  • Flooring: Carpets are completely out these days and are recently replaced by rugs. Different shapes and sizes of rugs can be used on various parts of the house. Contemporary designs use trendy rugs made up of synthetic and silk.
  • Walls and wall papers: There are plenty of new creative ways to decorate walls. The thing that attracts me the most is the family tree on the wall with pictures of all the family members. Even the wall papers are regaining the popularity but with new designs obviously which can make your house look ethnic as well as contemporary look. Monotonous walls have been replaced by highlighted and featured walls which are eye catching.
  • Curtains and colors: Blinds are getting more attention than curtains these days. Coming back to curtains, thin versions of curtains are attractive, pleated curtains, layered curtains and thread curtains are great choice now a days. If you want to be even simpler then go for loop curtains. They look casual and are available in different colors that will match with your interiors.

Most of the designs illustrate a come back of traditional designs with a bit more modesty in space and material usage. From walls to glass everything has to be classy in today’s homes. The designers are way too creative and keep a check on every small bit, which makes it easy for moving companies like Man and Van as well if you decide to relocate. At the time of relocation it is often tiresome to take care of every small thing but if you have a properly designed and less messy house, everything turns easy.

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