SentrySafe G1459E Review

Individuals who own a gun or even ammunitions would usually like to keep them safe and well protected. There are many people who are enthusiasts and have a great collection of several guns. Such people would like to avail a way of keeping these precious possessions safely, not tempered or even used otherwise. In fact, those who tend to store such ammunitions are concerned about keeping them safe and secure. These people will definitely not want thieves to get to their collection easily. So, if you’re looking to keep these ammunition safe then the SentrySafe G1459E is the most appropriate gun safes in the market. The product is a top rated firearm safe that secures up to 14 rifles as well as shotguns. Also, other additional accessories can be stored easily in the safe rack.

The SentrySafe G1459E comprises of 59 x 21 x 17.8″ exterior dimensions. With a weight of 182 pounds you can be rest assured that the safe will not be picked up easily by burglars. There are three live locking steel bolts with a solid steel hardened door and concealed hinges, making it tough to pry open. The safe also contains carpeting inside to safeguard your collection of guns free from damage and scratches. There is also an electronic lock that meets the California Department Judicial Standards for suitable firearm safety. The product from the line of SentrySafe gun safes has acquired some of the highest ratings in the firearm community. The interiors are spacious enough not only to solve the purpose of storing guns but you can also include any other precious item in the vault safe.

Accessing the inside of the safe box requires entering a 5 number combination of the LED electronic keypad. It operates on AA batteries which usually last for about a year. Apart from this a unique key has been included in the product packaging box to avert any necessary requirements missing when using the product. To elevate the security of the safe, it can be easily mounted on the wall or even floor using the included hardware provided. TheSentrySafe G1459E is built of heavy gauge steel, both body and door. The hinges are not exposed and the box seals in tightly that make it quite impossible for thieves to break in. In fact, you will probably want to consider using the hardware that comes along with the gun safe to secure the product to the walls. This ensures that it is safe and the ammunitions neatly tucked in at one place.

A standard dial combination or even a 5 digit number pad combination is used in the LED digital lock. The SentrySafe G1459E comes with an emergency key that must be stored in a secure place to be used during emergency situations. Also the chrome and satin hardware indicates how suitable the safe is for storing guns and other precious items. These are the essential factors that make the SentrySafe G1459E an excellent gun safe that is definitely great for the money as well. The storage capacity according to user reviews is the most noticeable properties of the safe vault that serves gun storage purpose fabulously.

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