Trampoline Buying Guide

Easy to install, dependable, and easy on the budget, the Pure Fun 14-foot trampoline is designed for young families. The framework is created using galvanized steel tubing, which is lightweight, strong and corrosion-resistant. The tubing uses a patented system of T-joints that requires a special tool (included) for assembly at home.

The Pure Fun 14-foot trampoline is supported on W-shaped legs that have eight contact points with the ground. This adds to the stability and safety of the trampoline during usage. A total of 88 steel springs are used to add bounce to the weather-resistant mat. With a 250-pound maximum weight capacity, this trampoline can be enjoyed by any family member. Parents will appreciate the safety features such as the PVC frame cover and thick foam over the springs. This 14-foot trampoline is also certified as having passed all ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) safety requirements. Pure Fun also offer a ladder and safety enclosure as accessories for this trampoline.

Pure Fun 14-Foot Trampoline Features and Specifications

  • 14-foot circular trampoline for fun or exercise
  • Pure Fun 14-Foot Trampoline weight capacity: 250 pound
  • 88 springs, high performance steel
  • Galvanized steel tubing
  • No-weld, patented T-joints
  • Polypro weather-resistant jump mat
  • Foam rail padding
  • ASTM approved
  • Assembly instructions and tools included
  • Pure Fun 14-Foot Trampoline manufacturing warranty: 2-year limited

Pure Fun 14-Foot Trampoline Reviews

The Pure Fun 14-Foot Trampoline has received mainly very positive ratings from owners. Most trampoline reviews mention that they were very happy with the quality of the product, especially since it was priced at the low end. Free shipping was also mentioned as a positive bonus. However, one owner did experience packaging problems with missing parts, tools and instructions. From his experience, it seems that the manufacturer responded quickly to correct the mistake.

The Pure Fun 14-Foot Trampoline was praised by several reviewers for its ease of assembly. Since the Pure Fun 14-Foot Trampoline does not use any welded parts, owners need to assemble the frame using patented T-joints. Several reviewers mentioned that this was an easy task if one followed the instructions carefully. In many cases reviewers mentioned that the assembly was a fun activity with parents and kids all helping out. Most buyers took 90 minutes to two hours to complete the assembly and have the Pure Fun 14-Foot Trampoline ready for use.

A common assembly error mentioned by few reviewers has to do with attaching the 88 steel springs. If all the pipe holes are not facing upward, the springs cannot be attached. A couple of users also advised against using hammers directly on the galvanized steel tubing. If a little extra force is needed, they suggest using a wooden mallet or placing a 2X4 to cushion the hammer. When it came to user experience, the reviewers seem to all agree that the Pure Fun 14-foot trampoline is a hit with family members of all ages. The extra bounce was appreciated by a few reviewers who had tried other trampolines.

Most reviewers added that the Pure Fun trampoline felt very stable and secure, even when 2-3 kids were jumping on it. A couple of owners did feel that the foam padding over the springs was insufficient, but no one reported any actual problems. Overall, we have here a solid product. The Pure Fun 14-Foot Trampoline gets our recommendation as a safe buy. Check our Amazon link above to see the lowest price for the Pure Fun 14-Foot Trampoline

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